I often reflect and express gratitude toward my creativity. Creativity is a gift, one not everyone receives and I appreciate it all the more. Every day I’m thankful for possessing the ability to create and I do my best to put it to good use.

Creativity has a life of its own, one of mystery and intrigue. It’s not something I can control nor would I want to. It comes and goes as it pleases but I know it never drifts too far off. I miss it when we’re apart but I grow stronger with each encounter.

I made a promise to myself this past year that I would fully commit to living a creative life. There is nothing more in this world I aspire for my life than to live of wild creative pursuits. It’s my ultimate purpose and I put nothing else above it.

If you want to live a creative life too you can. There are no requirements, no prerequisites, no rules. All you have to do is make this promise to yourself. Choose to create more than you consume and choose to give it all away. Share your creative projects with the world, they do no good collecting dust in the back of your mind. Expose them to the light of day and you’ll reap the benefits ten times over.

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