You know that old phrase, “starving artist”? I despise it. The connotations of being an artist, a maker of any sort has always had a bad rep. You weren’t taken seriously. You were told to wake up and “get a real job”. You walked a path different than most.

In today’s digital age so much has changed even over the last few years I’ve experienced within my own lifetime. The internet and the connections it draws between us daily, every hour and every minute, has made the world more accessible. We have more opportunities than our parents. We can become and do anything, the only limit is you.

This phrase has only recently grown dear to my heart. Yes, I’ve always been a creator but now more than ever I realize the importance of creating more than I consume. There are two types of people in this world, those who consume (about 98% of the population) and those who create. There’s nothing wrong with consumption in moderation but too much of it can kill a natural born creative’s spirit.

If too many days go by without my creating something new, whether it be photography, design, writing, or anything that comes from the mind (where it didn’t exist to the world) into a reality I go insane. Creating is my outlet. It’s the only way I know best how to express myself.

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